Adding Your Site to the ColdFusion Web Ring

Adding your site involved just a couple of steps. But please be clear about the ring's mission.

We will not accept sites that are outside our purpose. Specifically, the ColdFusion Web Ring lists sites that provide information about using ColdFusion.

Sites that simply USE ColdFusion or merely MENTION it, or that only offer CF hosting or development services without offering information of value to developers, are not acceptable candidates. If a site doesn't provide useful information to the CF developer, it will not be accepted. We hope you understand that our intention is to provide a useful resource for CF developers.

  1. Register your site with the web ring. This queues your site for addition and makes the ring administrator aware of your page.
  2. The administrator will be notified of your submission and will review and either approve or deny it, depending on whether your site follows the guidelines stated above.
  3. Upon registration, you will be offered a single line of HTML to be placed on your site to provide links to help visitors navigate via the ring.

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