Conferences/Presenters That Offer Open Access to Presentation Archives

Just as our founder and CTO Charlie Arehart provides open access to his conference and user group presentations, he appreciates when he finds Conferences and other presenters that offer open access to their presentation archives.

Here are some that he's found that may interest web application developers. If you know of others, please email him to add to this list.

ColdFusion Conferences and Presentations

Also, several CF user groups post their presentations each month. We have a list of more than 25 of them (and their URLs) that Charlie's spoken to, and many of them offer such presentaitons online.

General interest (in other words, non-CF-specific) web conferences and presentations

Some may require registration, but if the registration is free and not too obnoxious, then we don't mind listing them:
  • Java One 2002
  • You can find previous and future JavaOne conference archives using the "Future Conferences/Archives" link at the top right of this page.
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