Who's Using ColdFusion?

Have you ever wondered who is using ColdFusion for their enterprise-class web sites? I did, and I wrote an article on the subject appearing in the May 2001 issue of the ColdFusion Developers Journal, entitled Who's Using CF?.

In the article, I acknowledged the fine job Ben Forta is doing with his list of CF sites.

But I wanted to focus on the major players, so that you can proudly tell management, investors, etc. about some of the big-name enterprises who have chosen CF technology for their sites. They're listed below.

About the List

Please see the article for a more complete description of the methodology for finding these sites, and why some sites may not be listed. (It's by no means a list of everyone on the site, just those with recognizable names, and obviously can't include intranet or other internal sites since they can't be verified.)

Adding to the List

I also welcome new sites (whose names would be recognizable by most people) to add to the list. Please email me at carehart@systemanage.com. (I have already started adding sites since the article, as described following the list below.)

The List: April 2001 (see updates at bottom)

Since the article, I've discovered or been told about still more CF sites: Since the article, some sites are now no longer using CF: If you notice any others, please let me know.
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