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Charlie Arehart Named CTO of New Atlanta, to Evengelize BlueDragon

Laurel, MD - April 13, 2003

Charlie Arehart, formerly CTO of SysteManage and a widely known advocate for the ColdFusion community, has accepted a new role as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with New Atlanta Communications (, of Alpharetta Georgia.

"This is a very exciting challenge for me," Charlie noted, "and I look forward to working with the fine folks at New Atlanta, and with the greater community of CFML developers to help them appreciate what BlueDragon brings to the table. I've been watching their efforts with BlueDragon (and formerly TagServlet), and the tool really has come a long way in the past 2 years. It's much more than a me-too copy cat of CFML and instead now solves real problems that even Macromedia ColdFusion does not."

The position is effective immediately, and a new page has been created on the SysteManage site to explain the move and several frequently asked questions. For the foreseeable future, this site and all addresses will remain functional, until futher notice.


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SysteManage has been a consulting/training firm in Laurel, MD which specialized in providing resources and assistance to web application developmers world-wide. For more information, contact Charlie Arehart at, or visit

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