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OpenDemand Systems and SysteManage Announce Partnership to Offer Macromedia Developers New Resources to Better Test and Tune Web Sites and Applications

Newark, New Jersey - April 9, 2002

OpenDemand Systems and SysteManage today announced a new partnership whereby SysteManage will provide additional insight into and greater connection with the Macromedia product user community, especially ColdFusion and JRun users, to allow OpenDemand to address the specific needs of those developers as they continue to develop and deliver cost-effective and easy-to-use testing tools for Macromedia product users worldwide.

Recognizing the unique requirements and varied technical skills of the ColdFusion and JRun communities, OpenDemand will leverage the experience and recognition of SysteManage in these communities to create new resources (presentations, white papers, benchmark studies) that will uniquely benefit Macromedia developers.

SysteManage Founder and CTO Charlie Arehart is a recognized leader in those communities, as a frequent speaker to User Groups and conferences throughout the world. He's also a regular contributor to the ColdFusion Developer Journal and Java Developer Journal magazines, and a certified Macromedia Advanced Developer and Trainer.

"The CF and JRun communities are composed of smart people, but they're also very busy. The productivity of those web application servers is such that people can create web applications very quickly. Sometimes, in the rush to get them into production, testing takes a back seat", said Arehart.

"By partnering with OpenDemand, we hope to contribute substantially to the appreciation and more widespread use of load testing. Beyond the benefit for individual organizations, we hope also to contribute to the communities in general by way of published studies of the impact of various programming or configuration changes possible in the CF and JRun environments" added Arehart.

OpenDemand delivers fully automated, browser based performance testing and management solutions that significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity that has been traditionally associated with load testing web sites and applications. This allows developers to easily integrate testing into their daily development efforts thereby identifying performance problems early on before they become too costly to resolve, and resulting in the production of better quality, more scalable code.

"We are very excited about this partnership and view this as a strategic opportunity for both companies. Charlie will bring a wealth of expertise and an even more ColdFusion and JRun specific focus to our products, presentations and whitepapers, which have already been well-received by the Macromedia community," said Donald Doane, the Company's Founder and CEO.

"By employing OpenDemand's state-of-the-art web performance testing and management solutions, Developers will benefit from quickly gaining insight into performance bottlenecks within their applications, and having the opportunity to address those issues early on before they cause loss of revenue or credibility with their users " continued Doane.

Both SysteManage and OpenDemand executives are excited about the alliance, which is already bearing fruit. User groups from across the country have already begun to request a technical presentation on performance testing and tuning ColdFusion applications by Arehart. At Arehart's urging, OpenDemand now offers a free, 5 virtual user test trial with no time limitation for Macromedia developers. "That will definitely help people try out the service and see how easy and effective it is. And the planned enhancements for the next release will really impress people!", said Arehart.

"Next we plan to arrange a benchmark service to demonstrate the effects of making various widely known (and some less obvious) changes in programming and system configuration alternatives. Making effective choices among those alternatives has seemed a black art to most, and with OpenLoad it's very easy to see what the impact will be of such changes," adds Arehart. "Of course, even better for individual organizations is that it's so easy for them to consider those choices and try them out in their own environment, using OpenLoad to measure the impact. That's what excites me most, bringing easy load testing and improved performance to all ColdFusion and JRun customers," he concludes.


About OpenDemand Systems
OpenDemand Systems focuses on providing Customers with a variety of easy-to-use, cost-effective performance testing and management solutions - enabling the successful development, deployment and management of Customer web sites and applications - on time and within budget. The experience of the OpenDemand team, together with our products, allows us to offer our Customers solutions that take the time, cost and complexity out of testing, while always yielding highly accurate results within quick turn-around times. Our products represent best-of-breed functionality, ease of use, and affordability; while our services enable Customers to take advantage of some of the best and brightest minds in the software industry.

To take advantage of OpenDemand's FREE offer to test your Web site or application with up to 5 virtual users, visit

To schedule a technical presentation on performance testing and tuning ColdFusion applications at your next CF User Group meeting or conference, contact Willie Williams, at 973.735.0547 ext. 2 or For more information on the company, products, and services, visit or contact OpenDemand at


About SysteManage
Charlie Arehart is founder/CTO of SysteManage. He's a Macromedia certified advanced developer and instructor and a recently named Team Macromedia member, with more than 5 years experience in ColdFusion and more than 20 years total in IT. He writes a monthly "Journeyman" column in the ColdFusion Developer's Journal and has recently been named co-technical editor of that magazine. He's also been or is involved in several book projects, has contributed to Java Developers Journal, and is a regular speaker at developer conferences, seminars, and User Group meetings worldwide. He also provides in-house training and short-term consulting. SysteManage is in Laurel, MD. He can be reached at

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