Welcome to our library of Viewlets. Viewlets TM, based on technology from Qarbon, are a simple way to create "mini-movies" describing how to perform some action on a computer.

They're more than just screenshots, showing mouse movements, allowing for explanatory notes, sound, and more.

About Our Viewlets

We're planning to create several viewlets to demonstrate various unusual or often-missed features of a variety of tools and software products we use daily. If you do, too, these tips can be real time-savers. If you don't use these tools, perhaps you'll be motivated to consider them.

Viewing Viewlets

The technology for viewing Viewlets is based on Java, but the setup process should be pretty straightforward the first time you view one. After that, they load very quickly.

Viewlet Topics

We're planning to create viewlets covering features of the following products. (If there is no hyperlink, then there are currently no viewlets.) Other possibilities include:
  • ColdFusion and ColdFusion MX
  • JRun 3 and 4 (servlets/JSPs/EJBs and more)
  • JRun 4
  • MS Outlook
  • Windows Explorer
  • MS Access
  • VMWare
There are certainly still more products about which we'd like to create servlets. If you have ideas of ones that you'd like to see, let us know.

Finally, while we currently offer these viewlets for your enjoyment at no cost, we reserve the right to change that policy regarding some or all of the viewlets at some point in the future.

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