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Wireless device programming is a fascinating new world for web application developers, and CF developers can not only easily learn how to do wireless programming (using WML and WMLScript), but you can also leverage all the power of ColdFusion to dynamically create WML and WMLScript code.

(WML stands for Wireless Markup Language, WMLScript is a client-side scripting language for wireless device programming. The two fall under a generic umbrella of WAP, or Wireless Access Protocol, programming languages.)

If you've got the basics of doing WAP development, don't miss our presentation, "Common Problems in WAP Development", which identifies several challenges faced by WAP developers, regardless of platform.

If you're just getting started in WAP and ColdFusion, don't miss "Building Dynamic WAP Applications with ColdFusion".

Also, the basics of doing WAP in ColdFusion are provided in my chapter "WAP and ColdFusion Development" in the Wrox Press book, "Professional WAP". That link is to the chapter itself, provided on this site, courtesy Wrox Press.

In this set of tutorials, we'll walk you through just the basics of doing WAP programming (leaving details of that language to the many excellent resources available and listed at the top right).

More important, we'll show you some of the things you need to know to make it work in ColdFusion templates, and also some of the tricks and traps to be aware of as you embark on CF/WAP programming.

Tutorial Sections

Some of these sections are not yet completed. Here is what we plan to cover. Again, see also the resources for learning more about wireless programming, listed at top right.
WML Resources:

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