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CF5 In Depth One Day Seminar, Page 2


Sure, there are the usual suspects:

-          Query of Queries, User Defined Functions, CFGRAPH, CFFLUSH, Verity K2, and more

-          System Monitoring/Reporting/Logging/Archival features; Performance/memory enhancements


But are you aware of the following other new features, to name just a few:

-          you can now query a datasource without needing a datasource (dsn) defined in the admin

-          how dsn-less connections have “maintain connections” on by default, & how to change that

-          CFSAVECONTENT, CFOBJECTCACHE, the incredibly useful CFDUMP

-          how CFSAVECONTENT can be used to cache slow, “nearly static” portions of a page

-          the new dynamic java class loader for working with java objects

-          you can validate input with regular expressions within CFFORM

-          the new updated TagInfusion pack for Studio 4.5.2, holding the tag definitions/help for R5

-          you can now add your own templates/applications to the administrator interface

-          how to use the new Merant Wire protocol drivers, and where to find add’l docs within CF

-          GetHTTPRequestData() for SOAP processing, GetException() for Java processing

-          CFGRID is enhanced, including drop-down lists, checkboxes, columns that sort on dbl-click

-          enhanced resource view for advanced security, and the new buttons to flush its cache

-          a change in licensing allowing use of a single license on multiple OS’s (on a single machine)

-          there are pre-built examples of CFGRAPH, UDF, Query of queries, CFGRID


And even among the “usual suspects”, did you know about the following features, to name several:

-          the 9 tags that create result sets useful for query of queries, CFGraph, and more

-          when a query of queries makes sense, and when it doesn’t

-          when user defined functions (UDFs) make sense, and when they don’t

-          public UDF libraries, like with dozens of open source string/math/data/security UDFs

-          you can setup CFGraphs to support drill-down by clicking on a bar or pie wedge

-          you can also graph non-query data, passing one more values with CFGRAPHDATA

-          the 6 tags that you can’t use on a page that does CFFLUSH, such as CFLOCATION/CFCOOKIE

-          Verity K2 Server supports site spidering, searching remote servers, and more

-          every change to the administrator is now tracked and can be reported/monitored

-          how to setup both “default” and “custom”  server probes in the Monitor feature

-          the purpose of the tools in cfusion\cfam\btauxdir

-          you can setup probe to monitor a remote server (such as a hosted server) to track any failures

-          how to setup an email notification process for one, rather than simply all, probes

-          you can use the archive/deploy feature to serve up packaged applications to remote visitors

-          archive builds can be scheduled to occur on a scheduled, recurrent basis


And were you aware of some of the challenges you may need to solve, including:

-          what hotfixes you must apply to resolve common problems using certain new features

-          what easy mistake in using CFGRAPH will crash the graph server

-          what the install of CF5 will/may do to your existing JRun setup

-          what critical Siteminder installation issues exist and steps you’ll need to take

-          how to troubleshoot/tune the graph, report, monitor servers

-          WHERE clause matching in query of queries is unexpectedly case-sensitive

-          query of queries date processing doesn’t support ODBC dateformat

-          performance reports are based on samples within interval, not a sum of all occurences in interval


And did you know about some things broken previously that are now working, to name just a few:

-          the duplicate() function now works as expected

-          an improperly formatted file in mail spool no longer causes all spool files to never be sent

-          the “Disable database connection” feature for DSNs in the Admin now works as expected

And there are still more topics he’ll discuss in each area!

Learn more about these and lots more of what's new in CF5 in Charlie's one-day seminar, "CF 5 In Depth", available to be brought to your company or arranged ocasionally for public presentation.

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