Here are various tips that may be of interest to CF developers. This "old school" resource predates the creation of my blog, where I now post new tips. Be sure to check that out for more up-to-date tips.

See the list of tip archives at right.

They represent lessons learned, tricks, or warnings regarding use of ColdFusion, as we've come across them since 1998. (Keep in mind that older tips reflect knowledge as of that time which may now be dated. We'll be reviewing these soon to weed out any obsolete or obviated information.)

We offer these as a public service to the CF developer community. They suffered from neglect for a little while in 1999 but we've fired them up again. Look for them to start growing again in number. The old tips are still useful to many.

We welcome anyone to use and benefit from the tips, however they are copyrighted material and may not be reprinted without consent or attribution.

Don't miss the many other useful resources available here, including presentations and articles.

Tips Contents:

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