CF Advisor Tip Contributions (1998-1999)

Charlie Arehart served as tips editor for the online CF magazine, CF Advisor. Below are the tips he contributed to the magazine. Again, despite some of them being from as early as 1998, they are tips that many current CF'ers will be surprised to learn.

Also, be sure to check out the articles he's contributed to the ColdFusion Developer's Journal, FAQU, Adobe Dev Center, and elsewhere.

Sept 99How to get quick access to tag and function help, how to fix problems with RDS server definitions in the Studio Query Builder and Debugger, as well a a new and easy way to insert date/time values during a CFINSERT/CFUPDATE.
Jul 99Be careful about placement of file system databases in web server directories.
May 99How to use CFHTMLHEAD (especially useful when inserting Javascript into the head of a framed page), as well as the best way to count large recordsets (it's may not what you'd think of naturally).
Feb 99Taking only what you need (in SELECT statements), turning on line numbers in Studio, and testing MAXLENGTH in HTML textarea fields.
Jan 99Using structures to delete session variables as well as joining multiple tables using ANSI standard syntax, and emulating a "words" functions.
Sep 98OK, who remembers all CF's functions and all their parameters? Need to look them up quickly, without using the CF docs? Here's the secret and how to get there in just a couple of seconds.
Unknown Date 99Displaying "new line" characters on output, and quick and easy indenting of code

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