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The ColdFusion Web Ring is a great place to look for ColdFusion-related sites, or to help folks find your own CF page. Specifically, the ColdFusion Web Ring lists sites that provide information about using ColdFusion. Sites that simply USE ColdFusion or merely MENTION, or that only offer CF hosting or development services without offering information of value, are not acceptable candidates.

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If a site doesn't provide useful information to the CF developer, it will not be accepted. Our intention is to provide a useful resource for CF developers.

ColdFusion is a powerful but easy to use web application development tool made by Macromedia Corporation. The product has thousands of enthusiastic users, many of whom have created great web resources to share information with each other.

This page is "home" to the ColdFusion Web Ring, which is managed by Charlie Arehart, of SysteManage, a ColdFusion development firm). SysteManage offers this effort as a service to the ColdFusion community.

This page does not hold the actual list, and it's not even the page that users will see while navigating among ring sites. It's simply a page to help new sites get added to the ring.

If you're new to the web ring concept, it's a great way for related sites to band together and enable interested readers to easily find them. One organization recognized the importance of web rings and has created a very complete (and free) service for the management of web rings. You can read more about it at http://www.webring.com. It is through this service that this web ring is managed.

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There are actually two ways to view the sites on the ColdFusion web ring. One is by viewing the list of ColdFusion web ring sites, which is maintained on the webring site.

The more common way is to simply follow the navigational table offered on all web ring sites, to skip or browse among sites on the ring. An example of this navigation table is displayed at the top and bottom of this page.

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