What's New in CFMX--Opportunities and Challenges (One Day Seminar)

ColdFusion MX, or CFMX, is the next release of ColdFusion that brings much, much more to the table than just new CF features. Driven by Macromedia's drive to create an entirely new set of web application development tools (linking Flash, DreamWeaver, and more), it also brings to CFers the tools needed to take part in the latest development trends, including XML, web services, .NET and J2EE integration, and lots more.

In fact, there's really a lot more to CF than just those things. Sure, you may have heard about the ColdFusion component (CFC) capability, as well as the new graphing capabilities, etc. But did you know that there's really quite a bit more to CFMX than those top features that are marketed so heavily?

If you attended my seminar of a similar name and focus about CF 5, you know that we identified lots of things that you didn't hear as much about and that indeed you might not have easily found on your own. This seminar follows the same format, exploring the less popular but often more powerful and productive new features of CFMX. Of course, we'll also briefly highlight those most popular and well-discussed features as well.

As a bonus, there are many features you can leverage in CFMX that aren't discussed in any CFMX documentation, because they're really features of the underlying J2EE infrastructure. We'll point those out as well. Cool stuff!

Partial List of Topics:

  • The big-name features: Components (CFCs), Web Services, XML Integration, and Flash remoting
    • With pointers to getting started with Flash for CFers
  • Leveraging Java/J2EE integration
    • Including J2EE sessions, servlet filters, JSP custom tags, JSP/servlet integration, and more
  • Other Important features
    • New login security and developer sandbox security capabilities
    • Enhanced UDFs with CFFUNCTION
    • New debugging capabilities
    • Supporting internationalization
    • and still lots more
  • Hidden Gems such as
    • Precompiling CF templates, extending the built-in web server, & more
  • Migration issues, Resources for learning more
  • Lots more
Cost: $219 per person at public classes; $2199 for an on-site presentation

To find available dates for public seminars, see the schedule/registration page. You can also in express interest in or help arrange a seminar your area. We offer complimentary seats in classes to those who can help to bring a seminar to their company or area, in terms of promotion or finding inexpensive locations for presentation.

Course topics and prices subject to change due to continuous improvement and refinement.

One Day Seminar Info:

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