ColdFusion 5: What You May Have Missed(One Day Seminar)

With CFMX now out, you may wonder if you really need to know what was new in CF 5. Well, do you really know what WAS new? If you can't name more than 10 new features, you're still missing out! Even then, do you have anything more than a passing understanding of what was new? More than that, do you know the "gotchas"? Do you know what was no longer supported? What was broken before but now was fixed? Maybe you can now use something you couldn't before.

In this daylong seminar, veteran CF trainer/user group speaker Charlie Arehart will show you-in his popular presentation style-not only what was new but also how to make the most of Release 5.

Sharing practical, real-world experiences and his encyclopedic knowledge of ColdFusion 5, Charlie will demonstrate that Release 5 offers much more than most will know, even if they've seen presentations and articles or read the information offered on the Release 5 Overview page at Macromedia's site.

And it's one thing to "know" the feature exists, but quite another to see the code to make it work, and learn the gotchas. You'll save yourself days or perhaps weeks of effort and have real working code examples (and walk through setup/use of the nifty new administrative tools).

Finally, even if you've read the manuals cover to cover like he has (if you knew there were manuals and had access to them), there are still things that are not well-documented, if at all.

Partial List of Topics:

  • The "usual suspect" list of most-discussed new features
  • Dozens (yes, dozens!) of still more new features
  • Real uses of all the new features (with walkthroughs, code samples, and more)
  • Details and challenges of using all the new features
  • The gotchas (installation issues, bugs, doc mistakes and more)
  • Previous release features now deprecated and/or no longer supported
  • Previous release problems now fixed
  • Topics not covered well, if at all, in the documentation and release notes
  • CF5 Features not supported or deprecated in CFMX
  • Dozens (yes, dozens) of available CF 5 resources to peruse yourself
Cost: $219 per person at public classes; $2199 for an on-site presentation

To find available dates for public seminars, see the schedule/registration page. You can also in express interest in or help arrange a seminar your area. We offer complimentary seats in classes to those who can help to bring a seminar to their company or area, in terms of promotion or finding inexpensive locations for presentation.

Course topics and prices subject to change due to continuous improvement and refinement.

One Day Seminar Info:

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