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If you're involved with running a ColdFusion, J2EE, or other web application development user group or conference, whether public or for internal developers, you know how difficult it can be finding speakers!

Our founder and CTO, Charlie Arehart, has been a regular speaker at user groups and conferences worldwide for nearly 20 years, and he's been focused on ColdFusion User Groups and conferences across the country since 1998, and more recently J2EE (Java servlet/JSP, EJB) and related technologies.

He gets rave reviews and has been invited to return to speak multiple times to several groups.

How to Make It Work

Charlie never charges to present to a user group. He loves giving back to the community which has helped him over the years. But there is often the challenge of how to cover travel costs (he's located in the DC area and willing to drive up to a few hours away or fly further distances).

He realizes that user groups typically don't have funds to cover travel expenses (or only small amounts). He's even happily stayed at the homes of CFUG managers who've extended that invitation. :-) Another great way to help make a user group presentation work out economically is by helping him offer his One Day Seminars. See Offering His Seminars for more info, including discounts and free seats in exchange for your assistance.

Usergroup Presentation Topics

See the other links at right for more information about possible topics for both CF and Java user groups

Contact Information

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of having Charlie present at user group, please feel free to drop him an email. For phone or address contact information, see our Contact page.

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