Wireless Programming in ColdFusion

Welcome to the SysteManage Wireless Programming Forum. We hope this area will serve as a valuable resource for ColdFusion Developers interested in learning more about (and doing) wireless development, as well as wireless developers interested learning about CF.


We've assembled a wide range of resources to assist both new and experienced WAP developers.

See the navigational links offered on the left for several more resources including other great WAP/WML sites, books, articles, and more.

If you've got the basics of doing WAP development, don't miss our presentation, "Common Problems in WAP Development", which identifies several challenges faced by WAP developers, regardless of platform.

If you're just getting started in WAP and ColdFusion, don't miss "Building Dynamic WAP Applications with ColdFusion".

Also, the basics of doing WAP in ColdFusion are provided in my chapter "WAP and ColdFusion Development" in the Wrox Press book, "Professional WAP". That link is to the chapter itself, provided on this site, courtesy Wrox Press.

Our Experience

Our Founder and CTO, Charlie Arehart, contributed the chapter on "Dynamic WAP Programming with ColdFusion" in the Wrox Press book, Professional WAP, which came out July 2000. (View the chapter text.) He also spoke at the Wrox Press WAP conference in Amsterdam, also in July 2000.

He's a Certified Macromedia Instructor who has taught ColdFusion to hundreds of developers and he's been a regular speaker at local and national CF User Group meetings for more than two years. He's also writes a monthly column for the ColdFusion Developer Journal magazine. For more information on that and ColdFusion in general, see our ColdFusion Forum.

Pages for Wireless Browser Visitors

If you visit our site, www.systemanage.com, on a wireless browser, you'll be taken to several sample CF applications. We'll be working to document these on this site as well (they're discussed in the Wrox Press book mentioned above).
WML Resources:

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