One Day Seminars

Our founder, Charlie Arehart, has created a series of one-day seminars providing you the info you need to understand ColdFusion and related topics in a fast, informative, inexpensive lecture-style format. (All presentation materials are provided in print and source code available online, but there are no hands-on labs in these seminars.)

There are currently 3 tracks of 16 seminars:

Publicly Offered Seminars
Please see the schedule of public seminars.

On-Site Seminars
If your're interested in organizing a group of people to take either an on-site or publicly offered seminar, please contact Charlie directly, at

More information on details of the classes, see above right.

To find available dates for public seminars, see the schedule/registration page. You can also in express interest in or help arrange a seminar your area. We offer complimentary seats in classes to those who can help to bring a seminar to their company or area, in terms of promotion or finding inexpensive locations for presentation.

Course topics and prices subject to change due to continuous improvement and refinement.

One Day Seminar Info:

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