Quotes from Clients, Readers, Seminar Attendees

Here are some quotes from clients, readers, and seminar/user group attendees.

"You have such a nice way of making things simple"

Hal Helms
Renowned ColdFusion/Fusebox Expert and Author
"Charlie is personable, with a ready sense of humor. His technical skills are superb: he can see the big picture and develop all the intricate details to bring it all together into a functioning system. His training skills are very strong: He not only explains and teaches well, he challenges one to think. He handled our heterogenous group with amazing grace (and patience). The entire office was delighted with Charlie's efforts.

I have worked with several world class consultants in this arena, and while all were exceptional, I give Charlie my highest recommendation. I intend to use his services again when I have need."

George H. Chynoweth, Ph.D.
Organization Name Must Be Withheld
Complete Reference Available
"I just finished carefully reading your article on E-testing, and once again you have created a brilliant piece of work. How you were able to cover that much ground in 3K words and still have it properly balanced is beyond me, but you sure did it."
Adam Churvis
Renowned ColdFusion/Fusebox Expert and Author
"Charlie Arehart gave a talk on using Java with CF. It was by far the best presentation at the conference in terms of delivery. He helped show that CF with Java is an extremely strong combination for web applications."
Matt Liotta, ColdFusion Expert
2001 CF Odyssey
"I was just reading your blog. You have a lot of great information out there, it was just like when I was reading Harry potter I couldn't put it down! Thank You for all the great information !!!!!!!"
Chuck Boothroyd
Senior Web Technologist
Boeing Huntington Beach CA.
"Anytime Charlie comes, give him 2 hours!"
CFUG meeting attendee
"I was extremely impressed with your presentation, and thought that the pace you conducted the presentation was excellent. The information you provided was very helpful and informative. Congrats on a job well done!!!"
One Day Seminar attendee
"I still cannot believe how much I learn in such little time. I have only met one other instructor that had this style, and I found that it works well with my brain."
One Day Seminar attendee
"I would have loved hearing him for the whole meeting."
CFUG meeting attendee
"You're really going to help people get a solid headstart in all things Java, I'm sure. You truly are a talented writer, Charlie. Keep up the great work."
Adam Churvis
Renowned ColdFusion/Fusebox Expert and Author
Commenting on JDJ article
"Since I just started started to program in Cold Fusion a couple months before, I thought your consulting session on "Tuning and Architecture" was going to be a little advanced for my knowledge. But to my surprise, you clarify every detail you spoke on very carefully. It was a great session and I learned a lot! I can't wait till the next one!"
Bhavin Patel
Foster Wheeler, Inc
"You are a ***ing genius! I found your April 2001 CFDJ article, "Testing Existence in Arrays", at http://www.sys-con.com/coldfusion/article.cfm?id=248. After struggling with IsDefined to catch a missing field in an array. It works perfectly now."
Jarrett Broder
Vice President/Sr Developer
WebHeads Inc
Tallahassee, FL
See press release showing the evaluations of Charlie's 2002 DevCon presentation, including an overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5 and the following comments among others:
  • Very well done! Good information clearly presented
  • Fantastic. Presenter was very knowledgeable. Great overview - a bit fast presenting though!
  • Great speaker! fast, informative held attention well
  • Managed to increase speed without losing quality (started late [due to earlier session running long])
  • Charlie presents the material in a manner appropriate for all levels of experience
  • Charlie is an excellent speaker. great presentation
  • Charlie Arehart is always a good speaker no matter what he speaks on

And some comments from attendees at Macromedia FastTrack classes in 1999 and 2000: "I've been to many short (3 day) training classes in my days. I think Charlie Arehart is one of (if not) the best teacher. He answers all questions and verbally (or via example) makes the solution easy to understand."

paul franco
"Overall the instructor was extremely knowledable in the course and more importantly the application/use helpful tips, etc. His expertise was clearly exhibited though demonstrations and examples. "
renee mcclure
"Good instructor, comfortable style, easy to work with. "
David Sobel
"Instructor was excellent and had good teaching skills and rapport with students in addition to CF expertise!"
Terri Phifer
"Charlie is a GREAT instructor. Not only instructs but listens, watches and helps. You got a winner here...."
Tom Cropper
"Good instructor, speaks well and keeps you interested. "
Steve Shibe
"Charlie was both knowledgeable and good at explaining his knowledge at varying levels of complexity depending on the needs of the class at the moment."
Kevin Broun
"Charlie Arehart was very knowledable, and made the course interesting and entertaining. He answered all of our questions and provided much additional insight."
Mike Cranford
"Charlie Arehart was very knowledgable, courteous, and proactive in assisting students, particulary with the labs. Class began and resumed from breaks prompty. Appreciated information on additional topics he provided on his own initiative."
Hal McCoig
"Charlie was very knowlegeable about the course content and was very patient with and very willing to help any individuals who did not have much HTML experience. "
Sandra Henderson

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